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Frequently asked questions

What is CurtainCleaning.AE

CurtainCleaning.AE is Dubai based group of cleaning companies. We are a team of professionals providing services to residential customers and commercial customers since 2011. CurtainCleaning.AE is a dedicated team of cleaning professionals equipped with the latest tools & techniques backed by the research team in the advancement of the curtain cleaning field to provide the best industrial available solutions to commercial clients as well as residential communities in the United Arab Emirates. 

Can curtains be cleaned?

Yes, curtains can be cleaned like other textile stuff. However, before the beginning of the cleaning process, make sure you have enough accurate information about your curtain stuff and secondly, a suitable technique to do the cleaning treatment for your curtain stuff as in other cases it can damage your precious curtains. 

What is curtain cleaning?

Curtain cleaning is a process of making a curtain free from unhealthy organisms & dusty particles. There are different techniques used by professional cleaners to clean the curtain that depends on the cleaning limitations & curtain fabric. The types that are used commonly in cleaning industry are; curtain steaming, curtain pressing, curtain washing, and curtain dry cleaning.

What is curtain steaming?

Professionals clean the curtains using steam generating machines. In this techniques a smooth steam is applied on the hanging curtains to kill the germs, bacteria and remove the dust using a vacuum. This techniques is appropriate if curtains are cleaned as a part of routine cleaning and are not effected heavily with dirt. This is also called steam pressing that remove the wrinkles from the curtains however it doesn't applied on all fabric.

What is curtain pressing?

Pressing is used to finishing, flattening or smoothing any pucker from the curtains. It can be a dry pressing or steam pressing depnds on the fabric and curtain position.

What is curtain washing?

Curtain washing is a curtain cleaning technique that is most widely widely practiced & effective to remove the germs & stains from the curtains. Professional's use water with detergent to clean the curtain in an automatic industrical washing machine or use manual washing to deep clean the curtains. Curtain washing is an environmental friendly & cheaper solution to deep clean the curtains. However like other methods, this doesn't applied to all fabric.

What is curtain dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning terms used for number of processes, in industrial washing dry cleaning is a process of cleaning that is performed using dry cleaning chemicals instead of water to remove the dust, grease and stains. Some customers also use term"dry clean" to convey the wash, dry & pressing process for laundry clothes.

It also called dry cleaning process, if curtains are not washed in a machine, instead cleaned at home on hanger using vacuum cleaner and other accessories.

How much does it cost to steam clean the curtains?

Curtain steam cleaning starts from the 6 AED/square meter.

How much does it cost to pressing the curtains?

It varies and depend upon the curtain fabric and size. Hanging curtain pressing starts from the 5 AED/square meter while on iron board it can be 2 AED/square meter, depend on the size and difficulty level.

How much does it cost to wash the curtains?

Curtain washing price starts from 10 AED/square meter and blackout curtain 12 AED/Square meter.

How much does it cost to dry clean the curtains?

All curtains can't be dry-cleaned or cleaned in solvent. Curtain dry cleaning price starts from 15 AED/Square meter.

What is better, curtain steam cleaning or curtain dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning process is a more in depth cleaning process and also very costly compare to the curtain steam cleaning. While steam cleaning is cheaper, convenient, effective & can be applied frequently.

What is better, curtain washing or curtain dry cleaning?

Curtain washing is cheaper, environment friendly and can process in domestic machines while dry-cleaning process is very costly and can be done only in industrial dedicated washing machine.

What are blackout/blockout and Sun blocking curtains?

Both terms are used for the same type of fabric curtains. Blackout curtains are designed especially to prevent the light from passing through them and keep the room in a night mood even if it's a sunny day.

How to wash blackout curtains and sun-blocking curtains?

Blackout curtains requires special care for washing due to their sensitive chemical coating. We don't recommend to wash the blackout curtains at home, as these curtains shall be washed in large capacity washing machines at appropriate water temperature. Also because of their size, it is not appropriate to handle them in home.

We clean blackout curtains by following these steps:

1- Remove the dust from the curtains

2- Identify the stains on curtain, all stains can't be eliminate from the blackout curtains as stain removing can ruin the curtain effectiveness.

3- Put the curtain in washing machine for deep cleaning at set temperature according to the nature of the curtain.

4- Handle and spread the curtain in large covered area yard for drying.

5- Steam pressing at low heat temperature.

6- Hanging or packing curtains for delivery.

How does a professional curtain cleaner do the curtain cleaning?

Professional curtain cleaner use different techniques to clean the curtains.

1- Home curtain cleaning

2- Curtain cleaning in Laundry

CurtainCleaning.AE provides both services for it's customers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, while in other emirates we do only laundry curtain cleaning.

Where to find the cheapest curtain cleaner in Dubai?

CurtainCleaning.AE is provide professinal cleaning services at very competitive cost to their customers in Dubai. Our prices are matchless & cheaper compare to the our state of the art services.

How to calculate the price for curtain cleaning?

First, you need to get the curtain cleaning area size for that purpose measure the curtain height & width. Then multiply both numbers (Height*Width), and the outcome will be the size of the cleaning area.

Multiply the area by the above-given price.

For example; I have a blackout curtain and my curtain height is 3 meter and width is 2.5 meters. The cleaning area size will be 3*2.5 meters = 7.5 square meters. And the cleaning cost will be 7.5 * 12 = 90 AED Only.

How to measure exact curtain size for cleaning?

It can be done with help of another person. To measure the width hold the customer from both ends of the width and stretch it, Measurements should be without pleats, and with measuring tape you can now get the actual width of the curtain. Repeat the process to calculate the height as well.

If you require assistance here,  please schedule a free visit to get an estimate.

What other service do you provide other than cleaning?

You can avail our on-deman service curtain installation, de-installation other than curtain cleaning & curtain alteration services. We also provide free esimate visit and free pickup & delivery service.

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